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Unlimited colors and glazes

Journey into the natural beauty of terracotta colors and get inspired by the rich hues and endless possibilities of custom art glazes.
Discover the timeless beauty of natural terracotta.
Standard colors for our Large Format LONGOTON® panels are shown below. Custom colors are available upon request. Prices vary with color, profile and finish.

  • Pearl White

  • Créme

  • Champagne

  • Terracotta Beige

  • Terracotta Yellow

  • Amber

  • Rose

  • Bright Red

  • Brick Red

  • Ruby Red

  • Carmine Red

  • Brown

  • Titan Grey

  • Graphite Grey

  • Volcano Grey

  • Light Blue

Standard and fusion glazes for the perfect finish and texture.
Art Glazes
We have the capabilities to produce even the most unique, complex glazes utilizing a single-fire process, which also significantly reduces the amount of energy used, making our products much more sustainable.

  • Coal Fired Purple

  • Coal Fired Red (Dark)

  • Coal Fired Red (Light)

  • Transparent Green Glaze (Dark)

  • Transparent Green Glaze (Light)

  • White and Brown Fusion Glaze

  • Blue and Brown Fusion Glaze

  • Blue and White Fusion Glaze

  • Blue Fusion Glaze (Dark)

  • Blue Fusion Glaze (Light)

  • Blue and Teal Fusion Glaze

  • Brown and White Fusion Glaze

  • Green Fusion Glaze

  • Orange Fusion Glaze

  • Red and Black Fusion Glaze

  • Teal Fusion Glaze

  • Mottled Glaze
Standard Glazes
Scroll through some of our glazed developments for inspiration. Contact us to discuss different ways to variate glazes including gloss level, transparency, and using effect glazes

  • Dark Blue

  • Blue

  • Violet

  • Stone Gray

  • Purple

  • Dark Green

  • White

  • Sky Blue

  • Dark Red

  • Yellow

  • Red

  • Orange

  • Light Mint

  • Black