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Fabrik® offers a completely unique aesthetic for screening a building.

The flexible and almost invisible stainless steel wire system gives the impression of floating elements in a woven, frameless screen. The elements can appear to hang in the air, creating patterns of light while optimizing sun shading. The incorporation of Fabrik® elements whether terracotta, wood, glass, or even metal in an artistic and elegant pattern, lends elegance to the traditional screen.

Cultural Center La Gota
TR House

Colors & Glazes

Explore the natural beauty of terracotta colors and get inspired by custom art glazes
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The artistry of custom shapes & profiles is influenced by the clay palette itself. Whether natural finish or glazed (translucent, glossy, matt, opaque) different colors and texture will impact reflectivity and shadow lines. Color and profile combine to create movement across the facade. Contact us to discuss custom shapes & profiles.
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