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Terracotta Rainscreen Explained

Our terracotta rainscreen system is a high performing, back ventilated, pressure equalized, open jointed rainscreen system, designed using the Rainscreen Principle. The Rainscreen Principle is a theory governing the design of a building enclosure in such a way as to prevent water penetration due to rain. Our system allows air to circulate behind the panels to provide pressure equalization which prevents water from being drawn into the building.

Our system utilizes a shiplap in the open joint which resists wind driven rain and does not allow the rain to penetrate the open cavity behind the cladding. Because the space behind the rainscreen is open, it allows any moisture or vapor to escape via the back-ventilation properties of the design, allowing any stack effect to properly vent out. The natural ventilation prevents any mold or mildew from growing inside the wall.

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Advantages of Terracotta Rainscreen

We believe that beauty is sustainable. Our terracotta rainscreen systems offer a beautiful aesthetic that will last hundreds of years, impacting the landscape of the neighborhoods it inhabits.

  • Terracotta is a warm, durable, natural masonry material
  • No CO2 is generated from terracotta raw material
  • Very low CO2 generated during production
  • EPD & HPD certifications
  • Improved thermal performance
  • Non-combustible & fire resistant
  • Recycled material
  • Lead free glazes
  • Highly engineered systems
  • Maintenance free
  • Terracotta does not fade or change over time
  • No grouts, caulks, or sealants
  • Light weight
  • Ease of replacement of one panel if necessary
  • Ease of installation
  • How Are Terracotta Rainscreens Installed?
    Terracotta Sunscreen Explained

    Terracotta sunscreens can lend subtle variation, add texture to a building, or create a work of art, while offering solar shading. Both energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing, terracotta sunscreens are composed of extruded terracotta material in a wide variety of profiles, colors, and finishes.

    Harnessing the dynamic capabilities and beauty of terracotta to create lightweight brise soleil façades for buildings, our terracotta sunscreens create an open, permeable experience that allows natural light in while reducing the effects of the sun’s rays, providing superior thermal comfort without blocking visual contact with the outside world. The result is as quantifiable as it is inspiring, actively shaping the experience and identity of buildings in powerful ways.

    Advantages of Terracotta Sunscreen
    • Reduces solar radiation
    • Thermal comfort in summer
    • Solar heat gain in winter
    • Glare protection
    • Passive energy
    • Daylighting
    • Optimum energy efficiency by using maximum sunlight
    • Minimize need for artificial light
    • Enable views to the outside
    • Connect inside and outside spaces
    • Control transparency & opacity
    Custom Terracotta Cladding

    Shildan Group’s terracotta rainscreen and sunscreen systems are highly customizable, providing architects and building designers with all the options they need to create a unique design. Our terracotta is available in a myriad of glazes, colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. Please explore the rest of our website to see the possibilities that can be achieved with terracotta. To learn more about Shildan’s terracotta exteriors, fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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